Who is Emanuel? 

I'm a digital strategist, content creator, and I write on Medium. In fact, the site you're on now is an experiment to see how far I can push the new MailChimp website platform.

It was an easy sell for me to get started since all of it so far has been free. My goal is to see if MailChimp can be used by content creators to produce a home for themselves online. So, over time I'll be testing out different ideas and writing about them on Medium.

Hopefully, Mailchimp can be used to bridge the digital gap between the haves and have nots online. I'm talking about you, Mr. Small Non-Profit, or Ms. I'm New To All of This. 

Want to chat more about this project? Do you have Twitter? Send me a tweet, add #projectdigitalsurvival. 

Photo by my good friend Lee Jorgensen

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Emanuel Lusca